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Dr. Vijay Kumar

Specialist Radiology

Dr. Vijay Kumar is born and raised in Dubai. He has obtained is MBBS,MD(Radio diagnosis and Imaging) from India. Dr Vijay has 22 years of Radiology experience. He completed his MBBS from Kasturba Medical College Mangalore, India and MD Radiodiagnosis and Imagining from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Belgam, India. Dr Vijay has also been an observer in NHS St.Heiler Hospital ,Sutton London and in KEM Hospital Mumbai, India. Dr Vijay has attended training course in Berlin for 3D/4D antenatal studies. Well versed in Reporting Conventional Radiography and Mammography, Reporting Fluoroscopy Procedures – Contrast Studies of gastrointestinal tract, Hysterosalpingography, Intravenous Urography, Micturating Cystourethrography and Ascending Urethrography, Doppler Sonography – Renal, Antenatal, Carotid, Peripheral Vascular and Transplant Kidney. He also has sound knowledge in CT and MRI imaging