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Traditional Chinese Medicine after thousands years development, now driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, finally arrives in the desert pearl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Xiehe Medical Center is officially appointed as the Dubai branch of The First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine , which is a famous 3A-grade hospital in China. With an International vision and high level technical skill, guided by strong medical professionals team, Xiehe Medical Center overcomes varieties of obstacles, and becomes a comprehensive health center, with it’s pharmacy and multi-specialities, especially TCM Chinese doctors.

Moreover, there is  internal medicine, dental care, GP  and gynecology which provides patients multidisciplinary treatments. With all those multi-specialities doctors, advanced and comprehensive medical equipment, relaxed environment, Xiehe Medical Center is keeping on it’s way to create the best health environment for patients. Moreover, We cooperate with more than 40 insurance companies in UAE, which provide medical insurance packages and cashless services for the patients.

Xiehe Medical Center located in Dubai, leads the industry with intelligent innovation , pursues excellence and forges ahead for progress. We never stop our aspiration to improve, to innovate, to step forward. Looking forward to the future, we still have a long way to go.

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine  which established 100 years ago, and it’s First Affiliated Hospital which is a Class-A Grade -1(top level in China)general hospital , are both paying full efforts to promote Chinese Medicine all over the world and provide the best service and professional treatment for people located in different place. We underscore the leading role of culture, commit ourselves to constantly striving for self-perfection and social undertakings, and highlight the richness of TCM culture, Xiehe Medical Center, as its Dubai Branch, will be up-grated to be a general health care center. 

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Both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine will be applied in a complementary way to serve patient. Traditional Chinese Medicine with More than thousand years development is starting it’s way as a new-born in Middle East will create a bright future. Xiehe Medical Center is building it’s medical base in Dubai in a well -organized way, aiming to integrate Western Medicine with Chinese Medicine, pursue the truth and precision, and serve the public. We integrate Western Medicine with Chinese Medicine, take the essence of Chinese Medicine philosophy and advantages of Western Medicine philosophy, address both symptoms and root causes.

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