Best Cupping Therapy Practices

Have you ever noticed a celebrity or athlete with circle-shaped marks on their bodies? If you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you must have heard of Cupping therapy, in which the therapist puts cups on your skin to create suction to pull blood into the skin and remove toxins.


The suction force from cupping expands and breaks open blood vessels under the skin. The cupping area is like an injury in your body. It sends more blood to stimulate healing in that particular area.

People use this therapy for various health issues such as headaches, inflammation, pain, and relaxation. Mostly, the cups are glass, bamboo, metal, ceramic, or silicone.


At Xiehe Medical Center, we have therapists experienced in performing cupping for you in Dubai.


In this blog, we will discuss the best cupping therapies available.


Two different methods of cupping therapy: 


– Dry: Dry cupping therapy is also known as ‘fire cupping therapy’ when the therapist uses flammable substances like herbs, alcohol, or paper cup to set them on fire. When the fire goes out, they put the cup on your skin. As the air cools, it creates a vacuum and causes your skin to redden as your blood vessels under the skin expand.

Some therapists leave cups for around 3 minutes and then remove them.


– Wet: Wet cupping is known as ‘hijama’, where the practitioner places cups on the skin. And practitioner uses needles to puncture the skin before cupping. After suction, the practitioner removes the cups and uses pressure to speed blood flow before placing the cup again over the locations for several minutes.



There are various other cupping processes like needle cupping, massage cupping, facial cupping, and water cupping. 


Needle cupping– It is a combination of acupuncture and cupping.

Massage cupping– In this method therapist moves the cups after creating the suction.

Facial cupping– In this process, they place silicone cups to detoxify & rejuvenate the skin.

Water cupping– Each cup filled with warm water inverted onto the skin for suction.


After the session, you will have round bruise marks on your body for a few weeks. 

Cupping therapy will not be painful with our experienced therapists. We have experts who can offer you healing for your ailments. 


You can consult us for your queries and concerns. 

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