Remedies for headache
Remedies for headache

Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies for Headaches.

A headache will be the primary symptom of various internal imbalances connecting your physical and mental health issues.  

TCM considers the head as “the confluence of yang”. All the organs of the body connect to the head.  


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are approximately 720 combinations of headaches. And your headache will be unique! 


It’s essential to diagnose the reasons for your headache because wrong treatment makes your health more worse than before.  


So, why is Traditional Chinese medicine so helpful for headaches? 


TCM practitioners find the underlying disharmony pattern for the headaches. Painkillers may relieve headaches temporarily. But identifying the root cause is the ultimate goal in Traditional Chinese medicine.  


Most therapists combine acupuncture with herbal medicines for recurrent headaches.  


Let’s brief quick remedies for headaches: 


Food for Headaches (Migraines) 


Some food is generally migraine-inducers like chocolate, alcohol, cheese, and processed meat. 


Most Common food and beverages that relieve migraines: 


– Sunflower seeds 

– Brown rice 

– Broccoli 

– Salmon 

– Olive oil 

– Watermelon 

– Apples and berries 

– Sweet potatoes 


Mental Health & Headaches 


Stress and anxiety can cause headaches. When you’re stressed, it will create imbalances in your energy flow and trigger serious health issues.  


How can you deal with stress? 

You can practice Meditation, Exercise, or walking.  


Keep a proper diet and exercise for your well-being.  


Remedies for Headaches


Types of Headaches  


  1. Tension headaches: Pain at the temples or back of the head or neck
  2. Cluster headaches: Sharp pain in one side of the head.
  3. Sinus headaches: Common in people who have sinus.
  4. Rebound headaches: Headaches caused by the usage of painkillers or drugs.
  5. Migraine headaches: Strong pain for a while (often lasts between four & seventy-two hours)



Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments for Headaches 



– Acupuncture 


Studies found that acupuncture can reduce tension headaches by 31%. There is a high success rate in limiting headaches. For this treatment, needles will be inserted into the legs, arms and shoulders. The whole session will take up to 30 minutes.  


– Ginkgo biloba 


It is an ancient Chinese herb that offers natural treatment for headaches.  


– Peppermint oil 


Apply the oil across your temples, and you will feel relieved of tension headache. It’s effective over painkillers and TCM medicine for centuries.  


– Dang Gui/ Angelica root 


This herb heals migraines caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, and menstrual irregularities.  


– White Flower Oil 


Apply white flower oil for the tension headache. It will open your blocked channels and release tension.  

This oil can also use to relieve sinus headaches and unblock nasal passages.  



Now you know the first step to heal your headaches. Yeah! Determine the root cause. It may take one to two consultations with expert doctors.  


With the right TCM treatment, you can be pain-free from headaches. Contact us now! 

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