Moxibustion Treatment

What is Moxibustion Treatment? Techniques, Benefits, and Side effects.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy practiced for more than 2,500 years to cure disorders. Its origin is in China, then spread to Japan and other countries.


Like all TCM therapies, this method helps to balance a consistent flow of energy (qi).


Techniques: How to do Moxibustion?


It is performed by burning small cones of dried herbs on specific points (used in acupuncture) of the body. Acupuncture and moxibustion combine for the treatment of several diseases.


Moxibustion therapists can do it either directly or indirectly. In a direct approach, the therapist keeps cones on points and ignite one end of the cone (moxa) to burn it slowly.

Once your skin turns red, the therapist removes the cone.


In the US, generally, therapists use indirect Moxibustion that offers a smooth penetration of warm sensation into the skin without any discomfort.


In this case, practitioners place the moxa on the acupuncture needle and ignite it to burn on the needle. Then transfer the heat to the point through it.


The name of Artemisia Vulgaris herb (mugwort species) used to make Moxa is ‘ai’ or ‘aicao’ in China.



Common illness treated with Moxibustion


Generally, TCM recognizes six factors that influence disharmony in the body and trigger diseases.

They are heat, cold, dryness, dampness, summer heat, and wind.


Moxibustion is used for “cold” conditions, and moxa warms the body’s energy channels, promoting the flow of (qi) energy.


The ailments include,


– Cold and flu

– Digestive problems

– Joint pain

– Blood circulation issues

– Obstetrical conditions

– Gynecological problems

– Sports injuries

– Tiredness

– Arthritis


It’s quite interesting to know that moxibustion can heal menstrual problems and rotate fetuses to a normal position.


moxibustion can heal menstrual problem

Health Benefits of Moxibustion


Researches found moxibustion as an effective treatment for various conditions. This treatment may be useful for people who have not seen adequate improvement with other treatments.


It can relieve pain without medications. It is an adjunct to various treatments.


Let’s check out some top benefits :


– Reduces Hot Flashes

– Stimulates Blood Circulation

– Boost Immune System

– Help in Primary Insomnia

– Improve cardiac functioning


What is the recovery time for the disease?


The mostly healing process may require 2 to 5 sessions for mild problems.


Are there any side effects to Moxibustion?


Moxibustion has limited side effects. Some of them include,


– There might be scarring after the process.

– Patients who are allergic to smoke will find the treatment disturbing.

In fact, there are smokeless moxa sticks available in the market.


As always, it is suggested to look for experienced Chinese medical practitioners for the treatment. Get the best results with our experts at Xiehe Medical Center.

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