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10 Facts about Chinese Medicine

Do you know Traditional Chinese medicine is around a 3,500-year-old medicine system? It is used for ailments based on the philosophy that the human body is in a state of balance- both connecting internally and outside the world. The imbalance in the body create physical ailments. That is the basis of Chinese medicine and its practices.

You might wonder traditional Chinese medicine is just about drinking some herbal potions! It is not true; traditional Chinese medicine has specific branches, such as tai chi, acupuncture, cupping, and massage.

Don’t think it is  just acupuncture and herbs; there’s a lot more to it!

Let’s get into some interesting facts about Chinese medicine:

  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine work based on the philosophy of body-nature balance.
  2. Most drugs/ medicine you take in TCM are from herbs.
  3. TCM believes that Qi (vital energy) is essential for the overall health of human beings.
  4. Two popular TCM treatments to reduce pain are acupuncture and acupressure.
  5. There is no fixed recipe for TCM. Practitioners adjust the medicine recipe according to the patient physical condition.
  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are still recommended as complementary or preventative treatment methods.

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7. You would get the best results from TCM only when you incorporate healthy lifestyle habits, like healthy food, exercise, enough sleep, etc.
8. Western medical system always great diseases through eliminating everything, but TCM believed that illness is when energy flow is blocked.
9. TCM practitioners use smell, hearing, voice, touch, and pulse diagnosis to discover the imbalances in the body.
10. Around 200 modern medicines have been produced directly or indirectly from 7,300 plant species in the Chinese Medicinal herbs.
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