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Five-Elements Balance Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine organizes natural phenomena into five categories, fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. These five elements encompass the concept of the entire universe connecting to natural properties.

 It is often said that every person has a component of each element in their bodily constitution. 

Let’s briefly discuss each of the five elements. 

The Five Elements- 

  1. WOOD

– Body: Liver, Gallbladder, Eyes – Color: Green – Emotion: Anger

– Flavor: Sour – Weather: Wind 

  1. FIRE

– Body: Heart, tongue, pulse – Color: Red – Emotion: Joy

– Flavor: Bitter – Weather: Heat

  1. EARTH

– Body: Spleen, Stomach, mouth, muscles – Color: Yellow 

– Emotion: Pensive – Flavor: Sweet – Weather: Damp

  1. METAL

– Body: Lungs, nose, skin – color: White – Emotion: Sadness

– Flavor: Pungent – Weather: Dry

  1. WATER

– Body: Kidneys, ears, bones – Color: Black – Emotion: Fear

– Flavor: Salty – Weather: Cold

Balance Theory

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine, imbalance in the Five Elements can cause physical and mental issues. These elements show how the body structure is connected and how they are related to the natural world. 

These elements change with a human being. Some Elements are stronger and more dominant at various stages in our lives. 

Do you know all five elements are connected?

 Ahh! Yes

Each element is interrelated and controlled by another Element, constantly seeking balance. 

Ancient physicians used this theory to extensively learn about the connections between physiology and pathology with the natural environment. 

All traditional Chinese medicine stimulates and transfers the energy from one element to another to create balance again. This theory is frequently used in clinical diagnosis and practice. 

As certified practitioners in UAE, we can determine the disharmony between five elements. We comprehensively use the five elements model to examine and discover what areas of your body trouble you. 

The whole TCM treatment aims to restore the balance of the patient’s qi. When the qi (vital force) of one of the Five Elements is excessive, it automatically subjugates another element and creates an imbalance, 

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